Cali just would not let Future be great last night. After his first attempt to continue his ‘Salute To The Fans’ free tour at the Roxy was shutdown by police following riots, Future found another venue at the House Of Blues but guess how that turned out?


There’s always those few bad apples that tend to spoil the entire bunch. The limited amount of tickets and wristbands that were given out for the free show caused an obvious uproar in fans that were not able to scoop any up. His first scheduled venue at the Roxy, was shut down after angry fans decided to riot.

Future, being the generous fan loving artist that he is, attempted to find another location. Surprisingly, he was actually successful given the amount of time he had to pull it off. And it was set. Future would move his ‘Salute To The Fans’ show to the House of Blues in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, some fans in the crowd decided to let of smoke bombs and/or fire extinguishers and caused more chaos. SMH.

House Of Blues Chaos…

You know what happened next. The cops once again shutdown the event close to the time that Future was set to hit the stage. That in itself probably caused more chaos to go down. That’s definitely too bad for the Cali fans. If you tuned into the live stream or attended the NYC show, the you know just how LIT the show would have been for them.

Surprisingly, Future was able to perform at the Supper Club in Los Angeles; however, it doesn’t seem like the show lived up to his expectations. Future took to Twitter to tell the fans that he would be back to give them a show that they deserved.

Source: TMZ