The claim of false advertisement is being made against a very popular almond milk brand. Read more as we further expound.

Almond Milk Company Being Sued For Containing Almost No Almonds

Blue Diamond is being sued for falsely portraying that their widely popular almond milk, Almond Breeze, is made primarily from almonds when—the suers allege—the carton actually only contains two percent of the nut. That would make the majority of the milk alternative water, sugar, and a handful of additives like carrageenan, sunflower lechithin, and calcium carbonate. The suit claims that maker Blue Diamond is misleading people into thinking the milk, one of the leading brands, is full of almonds. The plaintiffs are seeking $5 million in damages over what they call false advertising.

The lawsuit highlights that the combination of the phrase ‘Made from real almonds’ and multiple pictures of the commodity reinforces the belief that Almond Breeze is virtually made from almonds.

The false advertisement lawsuit was filed on July 14 in New York.

An interesting note is Blue Diamond doesn’t disclose the percentage of almonds in Almond Breeze in the United States. However, the percentage of almonds is provided on the UK website stating two percent.

No statements have been released from Blue Diamond.

Almond Milk Company Being Sued For Containing Almost No Almonds