Daylyt Disses Meek Mill On “Uncharged Up” Featuring Drake (?). Hop into the post for all the details and to ear the diss track from the California Battle Rapper. #IFWT!

It looks like a famous battle rapper by the name of Daylyt aimed what seems to be a diss record aimed toward Meek Mill. The Beginning Of the Video starts off with footage of Drake shouting out the battle rapper, Daylyt whule doing press at a KOTD (King of the dot) battle rap event. This then transitions into the song ‘Uncharged Up’ a collaboration between Daylyt and what he claims to be Drake but really seems to be a rapper that just sounds like Drake.

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The “Uncharged Up” song comes after Drake allegedly fired shots at Meek Mill on his song he dropped on his Beats1 Radio show “Charged Up” which Meek Mill has responded to in a series of tweets. People have reached out to Drake’s camp for verification of this record. So far, there has been no official word or response of the validity of the above track. So as far as we are concerned, this feature on Daylyt’s song “Uncharged up” is just some guy who sounds like Drake. Or Even Daylyt’s best impression of the Toronto rapper.

Check Out Daylyt diss Meek Mill on “Uncharged Up” featuring an alleged Drake Below! #IFWT!