Mia Isabella x Tyga

Up until now, the transgender actress that Tyga was said to have a longtime affair with, Mia Isabella, has remained relatively neutral on the situation. Though she has said a few words here and there on Instagram, she hasn’t really confirmed or denied the allegations, but her latest post is doing otherwise.

Sharing a photo of a horoscope for Leos, telling them to air out any issues, Mia wrote quite a lengthy caption, alluding to the fact that there was certainly a lot going on behind the questions.

Marisa Mendez: Twitter || Instagram

The reality of the situation spoken on in the media is this – nobody knows the details of a relationship except the two involved. I’ve held my tongue long enough out of respect for our secrets & futures but I can’t allow a false wild goose chase and finger pointing from a party unwilling to protect me from a situation they always promised to protect me from to continue. This is NOT the life I chose nor a position I wanted & I’ve given the other party the power to lead in this situation as rolemodels do but they’ve chosen to cower like a child. I recently learned this kind of situation happened before – one of the reasons I avoided and declined being pursued in the beginning for a long time is because im a private person not wanting to be caught up in the reckless actions of others. Yet here we are & I cannot continue to protect someone I once loved dearly and not love & protect my own self. Those that love me DEMAND I stand up for myself and others unable or unwilling to. Someone has to be a leader in all of these falsities I cannot sacrifice myself & future for another. I am human too & if you don’t stand beside me you stand against me & not with me. I have lost much in all of this, my privacy, my book deal, my music development deal and the halt of my fashion brand Michelle Levelle relaunch but not my dignity & honesty. In my world I’ve been “famous” almost a decade & developed a respected brand now tarnished with lies. I don’t need anyones 15 minutes of bullshit and hate I shine on my own merits. If you can’t hold me down for my loyalty I can’t hold you down #MiaIsabella

Ummm, Tyga – what say you?