When he’s not pissing off the NBA with his notorious curse, Lil B spends his time on social media speaking his mind about whatever issues he feels compelled to elaborate on and discuss. After posting one, wild tweet last night, The Based God apologized to all the fans he offended and blamed his comments on his own insecurities and being “transphobic.” Find out what he said after the jump!

Early last night (July 27), Lil B sent out a tweet that he thought was a joke. “I might start saying I’m trans and I’m a woman so I can be in the girls Locker room with the ladies !!!!!!” he tweeted. Within minutes, The Based God, who ironically is known for rocking women’s clothing, came down off the cloud and realized how offensive his tweet really was. Once his mentions were infiltrated by fans condemning him with derogatory tweets, Lil B a.k.a Brandon Christopher McCartney issued an apology.

“Ok well I already got enough backlash so I feel bad now and I apologize to all humans and I see that everyone goes thru struggles,” he said.

Later on, the Berkeley, CA native claimed that he’s “transphobic” and his comments stemmed from his own insecurities. According to his extended apology, Lil B said that he needs “help to learn to accept” and confirms he doesn’t fully understand the Trans community. Clearly, he’s not one to judge anyone for their lifestyle! Read his full apology in the gallery above.

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