Michael Jackson’s signature style piece, one crystal studded white glove, is on the chopping block and has gone up for auction. Fans and collectors wanting to bid on the glove and have a piece on the icon, should be prepared to pay a hefty price of at least $20,000. The auction, brought to fans by Nate D. Sanders auction house, will be open until July 30th at 5PM.

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Michael Jackson was the owner of this particular glove in 1984. The iconic pop singer then gifted it to a friend Paul Bedard. Bedard who did many painting for MJ’s Neverland Ranch has placed the glove up for auction starting at $20,000. The glove (yes, only one since that’s how Jackson wore them..one at a time) is expected to sell at a much higher price. Back in 2009 another glove of Jackson’s that he first performed the moonwalk in, went up for auction and sold for the outrageous price $420,000.

The auction house also features the leather jacket Jackson wore in the ‘Bad’ music video. The bids for the jacket are starting at $10,000.

So if you’ve got some extra cash lying around and are a MJ fan head of to the auction and put in your bids before it close on July 30th. Click the gallery to see more of the items.

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