All the rumors that Tom Cruise is uptight and boring can fly right on out the window. Monday Night on Jimmy Fallon The American Heart Throb Tom Cruise put on a hell of a performance in a full on Lip Sync Battle. Check out the video and watch the anticipation as the crowd is just hoping for a reenactment of the legendary ” Risky Business ” dance by Tom Cruise.

Slayed! is the term the youth is using these days to describe the pure awesomeness behind that Lip Sync Performance. At 53 years old He still has his dance moves. Admitting he was excited when asked to come on the show and enjoyed it. The Lip Sync Battle between the two lasted for about 10 minutes and was Epic. Performing some of the best songs ever from the new hit from The Weekend “I can’t feel my face” , to Meatloaf’s ” Paradise by The Dashboard Light.”

Jimmy Fallon has a way of letting all the famous celebrity men get loose and have a blast on his show. Everyone from Kevin Hart to Justin Timberlake have performed hits on that Late Night Stage. Suri Cruise , it looks like your dad can teach you a few Karaoke tips when you get older. I’m sure its hard to be embarrassed by your dancing dad when he’s Tom Cruise.

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