IFWT_Larry Bird Michael Jordan

During their primes, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird were some of the best basketball players to ever touch the court.  Since then they’ve both remained in the sport with Jordan owning the Charlotte Hornets and Larry Bird the president of the Indiana Pacers.  So who would win if they played one-on-one today?

Larry Bird was on the Dan Patrick Show and was asked that very question.

When asked, and it pained him to admit this, Bird admitted Michael Jordan would “kill me” in a game of one-on-one. You can feel the competitive Bird know it, and still hate to admit it.

Bird admitted that he is heavier now and has let himself go.  Jordan isn’t in his 1980-90’s shape either but he’s still got it as he proved in numerous videos that have surfaced and he said he beats his own Hornets players.

If this were 30 years ago, it’s a far more entertaining question.

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