The Texas jail where Sandra Bland was held has released footage of her in custody to silence speculations that she was dead when she arrived.

The controversy surrounding Sandra Bland’s death has everyone putting together their own theories as to what exactly happened to her. While we all can agree that she was not suppose to be taken in to custody in the first place, everyone has been trying to piece together what happened within those three days following her arrest at the side of that Texas road.

Bland’s family expressed that they didn’t believe that Sandra would’ve killed herself and everyone started doing research of their own. Eyebrows where raised after seeing her mug shot photo and people began exploring the possibility that she might have been dead when the photo was taken. These rumors came due to the postion of her shoulders, the color of the background (which seemingly matched that of the jail floor), and the blank stare in her eyes, among other things.

Waller County officials have released footage of Sandra while she was in the jail in an attempt to silence these rumors.

Check out the video below.

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