The whole rap game is split on the issue of whether or not ghostwriting is acceptable in Hip Hop. The Guardian Newspaper addresses what this feud says about Hip Hop today.

There is a lot of chaos in the rap game and it all stemmed from Meek Mill’s rant that called Drake out for having a ghostwriter. After hearing reference tracks and comparing it to Drake’s songs, people are debating on whether or not it was acceptable. The Guardian mentions Funk Master Flex and the backlash he received after Meek did not drop a Drake diss record and says that the chaos surrounding Drake and Meek’s feud reveals a lot about hip hop today.

Meek Mill feels that Drake does not deserve to call himself the best in the game if he did not write all his raps and some people agree. This isn’t the first time Drake has been accused of getting help, but Lupe Fiasco shares that it is almost impossible to fit in with today’s mainstream radio without doing so. The Guardian says that Drake’s success shows that there is more to being a great artist in Hip Hop today that writing your raps, and getting help is becoming acceptable.

Do you agree?

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Source: The Guardian