A gang of pick-up trucks toting around Confederate, American and military flags decided to bully a family that was celebrating a child’s birthday in Douglasville, Georgia.

Melissa Alford, the party’s host, says that the occupants of the pick-ups were shouting out threats and racially motivated terms. “Kill the ni**ers,” said one of the gun-toting men who were plopped at a house across from the location of the party. “Give me the gun, I’ll shoot the ni**ers,” Alford accused another one of the men of saying.

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Police officers were called to defuse the situation, however, their appearance didn’t really do to much. “Officers on scene were given conflicting statements as to what led up to the confrontation,” the Douglasville Police Department said in an emailed statement to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

“I don’t have a problem if that’s their culture,” Alford said. “… If they want to make a statement that these flags mean something to them, I’m OK with that. But you’ve got to do it right. You can’t go around just blatantly terrorizing people.”

AJC reports, Levi Bush, the driver to one of the trucks, says that the video shows the unfortunate ending of an unintentional encounter. Pretty much, Bush [isn’t that last name a funny one] says that encounter happened due to one of the partygoers. He says that following an event, Alford and her family saw the truck[s] with a flat tire and began to throw rocks at them.

Bush and the rest of the Confederate fag supporters excuse for driving around in the neighborhood: A group he’s in called, “Protect the Flag.” Apparently, the group’s members “drive around and sell flags,” and that’s all.

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