Not too long ago, #IFWT told you about a fan who accused Chris Brown and his team of stealing her dead father’s hat that she wanted him to sign. After calling Breezy out in the comments of Hot97’s Nessa’s IG account, clearly trolling for an apology, Brown responded with nothing but shade.

The fan and IG user @aintnoluvx is still looking for her apology and called Chris Brown out on the accusations again. Hit the jump to see what he had to say.

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After the first time Brown exchanged words with the fan via Instagram, he must have blocked her account because in their most recent run in Brown accuses her of being a stalker and making a new account just to harass him. He also maintains that he has no knowledge of the hat in question.

She posted a screenshot of a tweet Breezy’s mom wrote which read, ” Love in spite of hate, misconceptions, circumstances, and diversities of others and how we are judged by the world.” On top of that was Brown’s previous comment to the fan saying, “Please walk in front of a moving train.”

She captioned the photo,

Why do the moms become almost saints while their sons stay lil devils… And according to @chrisbrownofficial and his team throw hate and attack instead of assume accountability and apologize. Yet he a lil boy still looking for guidance. I guess he rather get it from his male peers who need it as much or more than he do. She’s going to need a different shirt for him. It costs $0.00 to be a decent person, priceless. Humility. Character. And above all Integrity. ALL APOLOGIES ARE WELCOMED! And it don’t cost a thing!

Brown clapped back again with no apology and only shade saying, “You too fucking old to keep making pages and harassing me about a fucking hat I have no knowledge of…. You are like a parasite. You don’t love yourself!!!! And for the last time, fuck yo punkass hat”

I guess this is what it’s like to be a Chris Brown fan…smh. Click the gallery to see the comments.

Source TheShadeRoom