IFWT_Adrien Broner money

Adrien Broner made $1.3 million for his fight against Shawn Porter, who beat him soundly for 11 of the 12 rounds.  Not a bad pay day to get your a** beat.  In any event, Broner decided to buy a couple of new cars with his riches so he picked up a S550 Benz and a 2016 Maybach.

Broner is scheduled to be back in the ring in October. No word on if the opponent will be a soft touch or another big name.

Hate him or love him, his fights are fairly entertaining for various reasons.  Win, lose or draw you’re guaranteed to be entertained, especially by his post fight interview. If you want a good laugh, just read the Instagram comments on Broner’s page, people are very passionate about his lifestyle.

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source: TMZ Sports