Good ol’ TMZ spotted Safaree “SB” Samuels, Nicki Minaj’s ex beau, while he was exiting LAX on Wednesday. And well, SB had a lot to say about his current LITuation between himself, Nicki and rapper Meek Mill.

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Earlier this week, SB released the diss trackLifeline,” pretty much calling Meek Mill fat and out of shape, and saying to Nicki that he wants his credit for lyrics to her songs. Not feeling the three-minute shade, Nicki took to her Toronto show to talk cold cash s**t about her ex.

“A bitch ass n*gga can’t write my raps. You don’t have the mind frame or the mother f*ckin’ intellect,” Nicki said in her angered rant. “You don’t know how to pronounce the mother f*ckin’ words in my mother fuckin raps bitch n*gga.”

Now, SB would greatly appreciate it if Nick and Meek Mill back off. “I think they both need to get off my d**k [insert eggplant emoji],” he says. “It’s just crazy you know. You would think that ni**a on a world tour got way better s**t to do than think about lil ol’ Stunt Man,” he adds about Meek. Everybody wants to come for Meek.

Watch more of SB’s anger being expressed below.

“It is what it is …”

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