Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall have always had a strange friendship, if you can even call it that. They have been teammates with the Broncos & Bears but there has been multiple times where it was clear one of them (usually Marshall) was taking shots at the other. In a recent interview, Cutler referred to Marshall as an ex-girlfriend and you just knew he would have something to say about that.


Marshall might be with the Jets now but that doesn’t change the past. There were visible signs these two had no chemistry on and off the field at times.

“No one really likes their ex-girlfriend just after a breakup,” said Cutler, who first broke up with Marshall during their days with the Broncos. “He’s fine and he’s been like that for as long as I’ve known him. He’s an incredible player, he did a lot for us here, it just didn’t work out. I could’ve been the guy that got shipped out of here as well.

“New staff, new GM, you just never know what’s gonna happen. He’s gonna do well with the Jets and I know he’s in unbelievable shape, I’ve seen him work out in Chicago a little bit, so he’s gonna do well.”

Cutler was smart to give Marshall some love while still getting a couple very light jabs in. Training camps are getting started but Marshall was quick to respond and surprisingly he also took the high road, considering he has bashed Cutler many times since last season ended.

Check the gallery for Marshall’s response.