Fetty Wap can’t seem to catch a break any time he’s out and about in NJ. Not too long ago the Paterson native was in a local Shoprite super market and was accused of assaulting a cashier. It after investigations by police turned out the Fetty was not involved and no one was charged. But this time the ‘My Way’ rapper might not get off so smoothly. Apparently, he was dining in an Olive Garden restaurant in Wayne, NJ and left before paying the bill.

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According to a report by TMZ, Fetty Wap was out with friends dining at Olive Garden and in the middle of the meal, he left abruptly. Before storming out he left $100 to cover the drinks and appetizers, however that didn’t cover the whole bill and the server was left to take an L for another $60.

Fetty Wap claimed the service was terrible and that’s why he left. He wasn’t pleased about being in the franchise for two hours and never getting his food. The restaurant says that wasn’t the case and Fetty just pulled the old dine and dash.

Hopefully, that’s not the case and Fetty will clear it all up for us soon and luckily for the server they weren’t left to pick up the $60.

Source TMZ