In the ’90s, Lollapalooza began its legacy by bringing together an army of chart-topping musicians of all genres like Rock, Pop, EDM and Country. When the festival began in 1991, Ice-T served as the first and only hip-hop artist. Over the past several decades, the line-up for the weekend-long festival has grown significantly with plenty of legendary MC’s who have rocked the stage. In honor of the festival’s 15th active year, get a brief history of hip-hop at Lollapalooza and the official live stream after the jump!

Hip-hop’s presence at Lollapalooza is stronger than ever before. This weekend marks the 15th active year of the legendary music festival in Grant Park, Chicago where at least 11 MC’s will perform live. Major hip-hop stars like A$AP Rocky, Kid Cudi, DJ Mustard, The Weeknd, and plenty more are expected to make their mark on the main stage in front of thousands of fans from around the world.

Rukkus has crunched the numbers and grouped every detail of hip-hop’s growing domination at Lollapalooza into one place. Although the festival had a brief hiatus from 1997 to 2002, the infographic below shows how hip-hop’s presence has grown since Jane’s Addiction lead singer Perry Farrell started it all in 1991.

Afterwards, enjoy the live stream of Lollapalooza in Chicago!

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