If you think the things you post on social media can’t come back to bite you, think again. Recently one of Donald Trump’s staffers was fired from his position because of the content of his Facebook dating back to 2007. Sam Nunberg’s page was filled with numerous racist posts.

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Nunberg was first introduced to the spotlight when he pressed for Donald Trump to move forward with a Buzzed interview. The profile run by the media outlet featured Trump as a phony politician with no chance of winning the election. Because the profile Nunberg was fired and then rehired to work on Trump’s presidential campaign.

He’s now been fired again because of the history of posts on his Facebook profile dating back to 2007. The posts are racially charged and include calling Reverend Al Sharpton’s daughter as a “N—!”, President Obama a “Muslim,” Chris Christie a “fat slob,” and Mike Huckabee as “Huckahick.”

Nunberg denied every writing the posts saying,

“I’m shocked and I don’t recall them.” He released a statement to back up his denial, “I am not adept at social media,” Nunberg added.”I have a long record of working with diverse people. And anything you are reporting on does not reflect anything on Mr. Trump or Mr. Trump’s campaign. I would also point out that all of these things were done before Mr. Trump’s campaign, if I even did them — which I deny. In any event, this is the problem with politics … Politics as usual is wrong.”

Although he was a “part-time, low-level” staffer as referred to by a spokesperson for Trump, his online life followed him into his professional life and cost him his job. So let Sam Nunberg serve as a lesson to us all to be careful about what we post online and who is our audience. I know for now, I will…I wonder if TatWza checks out the #IFWT staff social media accounts?

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