IFWT_Aaron Hernandez court

Well, talk about a conflict of interest in Aaron Hernandez’s murder trial. Reports indicate that someone tipped off officials that one of the jurors in Hernandez’s murder case of Odin Lloyd, lied during pre-trial and the tipster may have had a sexual relationship with him!


I want to start out by saying, the fact that Aaron Hernandez looked so relaxed throughout the trial in various pictures, speaks VOLUMES now. Or maybe I’m reaching. However, a new report is saying that prosecutors in Hernandez’s trial were tipped off that one of the jurors lied during pre-trial jury selections but this tip is coming from someone who had a relationship with him!

The tipster known as ‘Katy’ is said to have been in contact with Hernandez throughout the entire trial and she also had a ‘sexually explicit’ relationship with Aaron before the trial began AND during! SHEESH! First question is how were they even able to pull this off when Aaron was locked up throughout the trial?

More importantly though, at least for Aaron, is that if the judge finds these tips to be reliable, it could open an entirely new trial! That means, there is a possibility that Hernandez could walk on the Odin Lloyd case.

Unfortunately, Aaron is still facing a double murder trial in Boston from back in 2012. The courts have put that case on hold until his appeal is heard and prosectors are attempting to get this new witness, ‘Katy,’ thrown out as they feel her testimony would be biased due to her prior sexual relationship with Aaron.

Just when I thought we heard the last of about Aaron Hernandez, there seems to always be a new development. With that said, I’m sure we’ll be reporting on a new happening some time in the future.