Drake wearing a "Free Meek Mill" shirt

Drizzy is definitely going in for the KILL! A video was caught of Drake going over his set list for tonight’s perfomance at OVOFest and he was seen wearing a ‘Free Meek’T-Shirt!


It looks like it is going to get worse for Meek before it gets better. Dropping just one diss track after Drake has already dropped two and still remaining quiet for so many days following that? It is just not looking good right now.

One of the infamous lines from Drake’s ‘Back To Back’ Freestyle was, “Trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers…” and I’m not sure about anyone else, but it looks like Meek is really holding back. If you follow Meek on Twitter, then you know he is an ACTIVE tweeter, and he has been silent ever since he dropped ‘Wanna Know’ and the reactions that followed.

Today, Drizzy will take the stage at OVOFest and to add insult to injury, he was seen wearing a ‘Free Meek’ Tee. I’m assuming he is going for the jugular tonight during his performance. The ‘3-Peat’ as many are referring to it as, seems almost inevitable at this point. For the culture’s sake, I HOPE HE COMES THROUGH!

Drake @ OVOFest Practice…

This man is playing no games from what we can all see from the outside. With antics like this, it blows my mind how Meek could miss an opportunity to go at Drake while he himself was in Toronto just last week!