Drake is rocking a nice, new, huge piece of jewelry on his finger in the form of his very own OVO championship ring. While twitter had jokes yesterday saying the ring was for crushing Meek Mill, the jeweler behind the ring is saying it has nothing to do with Meek. He does admit though the timing of the ring being delivered is a big plus for Drizzy.


The men behind Drake’s new swag are Dave Bling and his partner, Will DaBoss, ​with DWS Jewelry & Co., and Dave tells TMZ Sports the piece is packed with 5.5 karats of diamonds. It’s also emblazoned with Drake’s OVO Sound logo — and definitely seems like the perfect way to celebrate his near flawless dismantling of his rival rapper.

But Dave says it just isn’t so … because Drizzy ordered the ring LONG before the Meek beef started cooking. Dave adds, Drake just wanted “something different” and “sports-like” to toast his label’s success.

He insists it’s pure coincidence the ring was finished “right in the heat of this battle with Meek Mill.”

The duo has also made jewelry for Meek, and Dave thinks the rapper will recover from this PR nightmare … “But he messed with the 6-God and got handled.”

Well, there you have it. I doubt Meek will be doing anymore business with him in the future.