Today Floyd Mayweather made official what we all knew was happening. He will be fighting his 49th and possibly last fight on September 12th at the MGM in Vegas. One important detail he did leave out however is the opponent. It was pretty much close to a done deal that he would fight Andre Berto but maybe there is a chance it will be someone else.



Shortly after this post was sent out, Floyd eventually confirmed his opponent will in fact be Andre Berto.


Mayweather insisted on the post-fight broadcast immediately after his May 2 win over Manny Pacquiao that his next fight would be the last of his career. “My last fight is in September, then it’s time for me to hang it up. You know, I’m almost 40 years old now, I’ve been in the sport 19 years, I’ve been world champion for 18 years, and I’m truly, truly thankful and I’m blessed.”

It’s very hard to believe that though seeing this next fight will be a letdown from all the hype surrounding his previous bout with Manny Pacquiao. The allure of finishing an even 50-0 I believe is too much for Floyd to turn down.

As far as whom Mayweather will fight, Andre Berto has been the rumored choice with TMZ Sports reporting in July the two sides have spoken. Now that is is getting close to a month away and still no official opponent, maybe we will get a surprise.

There’s also the mystery of how fans will be able to watch the fight. Mayweather’s bout on Sept. 12 will be his last under the terms of a six-fight contract with Showtime Sports—a subsidiary of CBS.

Lyle Fitzsimmons of Bleacher Report and CBS Sports reported on July 8 that Mayweather’s next fight could be broadcast on CBS. That would be unique simply because of how revenue works in boxing, with fighters collecting portions of pay-per-view buys as part of their deals.

Mayweather does not seem to be in desperate need for money, as ESPN.com’s Darren Rovell and Dan Rafael reported the undefeated champion walked away from his fight with Pacquiao making at least $220 million.

Regardless of how Mayweather’s fight is broadcast and whom he is challenging, it’s always a huge event when he steps into the ring. The possibility that Sept. 12 could be his final match adds to the intrigue.