In an effort to find out just what happened to Sandra Bland, when she was found dead in a Texas jail cell after being arrested during a routine traffic stop, her family has filed a federal lawsuit against the arresting officer Brian Encina and all those who could be held accountable for her death.

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Tuesday (August 4th) Sandra Bland’s family filed the lawsuit less than a month after Bland was found dead in a Texas jail cell. According to court documents Bland’s mother “is seeking a jury trial and unspecified monetary damages in her wrongful death suit against DPS trooper Brian Encinia; Waller County jail screening officers Elsa Magnus and Oscar Prudente; Waller County; DPS; and Waller County.”

The family’s lawyer, Cannon Lambert Sr said, “We are looking for Waller County and the individuals involved to take accountability.”

Following Bland’s death officer Brian Encinia was placed on desk duty for violating protocol during the traffic stop. Lambert said, “Mr. Encinia is still employed and it doesn’t make sense that the taxpayers are paying for the type of service that he employed on July 10,” he added, “This family needs an answer to the principle question of what happened to Sandra Bland. It’s why we filed suit,”

The family would also like the Department of Justice to get involved in the investigation as they feel the case requires a fresh set of eyes.

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