In 2015, Miguel is showing his Wildheart rockstar lifestyle, but before his latest album, before his collaboration with Wale and even before his breakthrough hit “Sure Thing,” there was the Miguel who wore D.A.R.E. T-shirts and was stuck in a contract that allowed him no room for expression.

In the Yours Truly special, Crazy Enough, shows footage of Miguel visiting his old stomping grounds in San Pedro, Cali.

“Growing up in L.A. I think prepares you in an interesting way, because you start to learn about hope and desperation really early. You’re kinda acclimated to the possibilities of not making it, because you’ve seen so many people around you who didn’t.”

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In the 2008 footage, Miguel also reveals a contract that held him back. According to the “Coffee” crooner, his record label never saw him as Black enough, or the one that had the right song, etc. Nothing was ever right. He left that label with a lesson learned. Miguel admits, it just wasn’t the right time.

Most likely, that label doesn’t exist any more or they are twiddling their fingers right now. Betcha want that old thang back.

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