Drake x Meek Mill

Last night, Meek Mill sort of debuted a new verse to Drake, though I don’t think we got the whole thing. What we did get, though? It has us shaking our heads even more.

Let’s start with what he said in his first clip:

Wayne don’t f*ck wit you, Stunna don’t f*ck wit you
Tyga don’t f*ck wit you, damn dog – wassup with you?

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Now let’s dissect where he went wrong:

1. Wayne DOES f*ck with Drake, and is clearly on his side in the beef, as made evident when he was bopping and singing to “Back To Back” in the club the other day:

2. Birdman also f*cks with him, as he was speaking highly of Drake and their relationship during a recent interview with Angie Martinez.

3. Who the F*CK cares who Tyga f*cks with? No one f*cks with Tyga!

4. None of the aforementioned people will f*ck with you now either, Meek.

5. You also added that you’re going to give Drake a wedgie. A wedgie? I really don’t want you to look this crazy out here, but c’mon dude!