The Game Is getting sued for sexual Assault, Hop into the post for all the details #IFWT!

Just a few days ahead of the series’ first episode , a contestant from the Game’s upcoming VH1 reality TV show ‘She’s Got Game’ has filed a hefty lawsuit against The Game. This is terrible look for the Compton EmCee.

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According to TMZ, Priscilla Rainey was cast on the show-which is basically Game’s version of ‘The Bachelor’ and experienced some unwanted physical advances from The Game during a shoot back in May. It has been reported that the lawsuit, which is seeking a $10,000,000 payout, alleges that The Game was “out of control” and heavily intoxicated during a May 22nd taping at a sports bar, Rainey is apparently claiming that in on of multiple instances of assault, The Game “Forcefully Reached his hand inside her dress.”

Game has yet to speak out to the allegations, we are also unsure if this will have any type of affect on the planned premiere of the show next week. Though, we WILL keep you updated if any new info comes out! #IFWT!

The Game Is Being Sued For Sexual Assault.