Whether you agree with her or not, Janay Rice is still vigorously defending the integrity of her husband and currently “former” NFL player, Ray Rice. The couple did an interview with ESPN which aired yesterday, talking about Ray’s battle to find a job again and how things have been since that fateful night in Atlantic City when Ray hit her.


Ray Rice is no longer just insisting he’s a changed man — he also understands why the images of him knocking out his wife … are all some people will ever think of when they see him, on or off a football field.

Rice spoke to ESPN’s Outside the Lines — about his attempts to make a comeback in the NFL, and in life. Rice said, “Over time I want to be able to rewrite the script to tell my daughter … ‘Y’know, Daddy made the worst decision of his life, but this is what I did going forward.”

He also said he understands how serious domestic violence issues are now, and assured victims he’ll never take that for granted.

Rice added, “If you have never seen what domestic violence looks like, and you look at my video I can understand why some people will never forgive me.”

Rice is a free agent — eligible to be signed by any NFL team, but no takers yet.

They also spoke with Janay, more about the emotional side of things with the family and how things are at home. The couple seems to be doing very well but she still get angry when people think negatively of him based on one “mistake” in her words.