IFWT_Percy Harvin Bills

Bills new receiver Percy Harvin says he feels more at home after just a few months in Buffalo, something he never felt in Seattle.  Appearing on ESPN First Take, Harvin was asked why Buffalo is a good fit for him. Harvin immediately contrasted the Bills with the Seahawks, and said that his teammates in Seattle treated him as an outsider.

“I think most importantly, from this year to Seattle, my teammates accept me a little more,” Harvin said. “What I mean by that I felt when I went to Seattle a lot of the receivers took me as a threat rather than accepting me as a teammate. I always told those guys, I pulled them to the side several times after seeing the comments they were making to the media, I’m like, ‘Hey, guys, I’m here to ball with you, to take us to the next level.’ A lot of guys were looking at they were established and they didn’t need any help. I just took it as I never was kind of accepted in the receiver group by all the members.”

Harvin said he always felt he had to “walk on egg shells” in Seattle, and that he had “several conversations” with Seahawks coach Pete Carroll about how he never felt comfortable with his teammates. Harvin singled out Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin as a player who criticized him in the media, which Harvin said bothers him.

Harvin is notorious for having personal issues with his teams.  While his issues may seem valid it’s obviously starting to look like he’s the problem.

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