The impeccable all-around artist J. Cole has been making moves. While he isn’t regularly in the news on some Meek Mill and Drake drama, his music is still heavy with rap listeners. Cole, who is currently on the Forest Hills Drive Tour, sits down with Sway Calloway to discuss why he choose artists such as Jeremih, Big Sean and YG to go out on the road with him.

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“We do business with a different type of people,” he says about Compton rapper YG. “Obviously, people are voicing their concern – those concerns being the recent shooting YG was involved in – but I don’t believe in that ‘cause I’ve seen the way he moves. Just from my interaction with him, he’s not stupid,” he adds. “I had to break it down to him, ‘people are already expecting you to fail, so every decision you and your homeboys make will make that either true or false.’”

In addition to the great choices he makes with artists on tour, Sway wonders what made Cole choose some of the artists on his Dreamville roster. “Let’s start with Omen,” Sway says.

“Omen; poet. Omen can do a whole album and not curse, or like, rap without curse and get the message across just as impactful as I would with the cursing.,” he explains. His vocabulary is on a high plateau so that using profanity becomes unnecessary. And it’s not because he doesn’t want to curse “His insightful is that profound.”

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