I can’t lie, you should never tell the next person what they should do with their own money but this feels like one of the rare times an exception can be made. After the enormous sum of money Floyd made from his boring fight with Pacquaio, there were strong reports that his next fight would be televised live in CBS as a thank you of sorts to the fans. Welp, Floyd seems to love money more than his fans because according to reports he killed the idea himself, even though Showtime and CBS were on board with it.


Again, we are dealing with a thin line here because who are we to tell Floyd he should do this or should do that. It is his money that he has worked very hard for throughout the last twenty years basically.

The issue in our climate today with so many Americans struggling to pay bills and find jobs that they can live off of, most sports fans don’t want to keep hearing about the millions of dollars athletes are concerned about.

Floyd has made a shitload of money in his career and what he made for the Pacquiao fight alone is more than you could spend in a lifetime, so the money team is not hurting for cash. With that said, it could have been the perfect time to give back to the fans, especially know the excitement surrounding the fight will be whispers compared to him fighting Manny.

After making a reported $220 million from his May dud against Manny Pacquiao, which was dripping with hype and delivered mostly disappointment, there was some talk that the final installment of his six-event Showtime deal would take place on free-to-air network television, on CBS.

Such a scenario would have taken some flexibility on all sides, and the estimated $60 million Mayweather could make from the Berto fight would have had to be scaled back significantly.

Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotions, said that a network event would have needed a longer time window, but in reality, like everything with boxing’s biggest star, it boiled down to money.

That is a situation that has continued until now for one simple reason: Mayweather knows he can get away with it. As much as people complain about the relative lack of action and excitement generated by his defensively-minded style, however much disgruntled purchasers vow to never be duped again, however obviously an opponent is outmatched going into a pay-per-view card, there are always enough consumers willing to slap down their credit card to give his bank balance another giant boost.

“I’ve been getting backlash, (Berto) has been getting backlash,” Mayweather said. “No one is forced to buy the fight. I appreciate it, but no one is forced to buy it. But they always tune in. They say one thing but they do another.”

Thing is, Floyd is right. I damn sure will not buy this fight on pay per view, but Floyd knows the majority of people talking shit are still going to buy. He sounds cocky about it which you never want to make your fans feel beneath you but again, if people are going to buy no matter what then you can’t blame him.