James Holmes will spend the rest of his life behind bars for murdering 12 people, and injuring 70 others at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado back in 2012. On Friday (August 7th) the jury was unable to to reach a unanimous decision which resulted in life in prison with no chance of parole, instead of the death penalty for Holmes. Holmes pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

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Holmes was found guilty and convicted on 24 counts of first degree murder. It took the jury more than seven hours to come to a decision. Many were surprised by the verdict, however one juror spoke to the press following the trial and explained what happened. The juror who chose not to be identified said, the life sentence was forced by a single juror who would not agree to the death penally while two others ‘seemed on the fence.’ The death penalty required unanimous agreement by all the jurors.

Holmes will not go to prison yet as his official sentencing was scheduled for August 24-26.

Arapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler, admitted that he is disappointed with the sentence however he respects it. “As frustrated as I am at not achieving the result we wanted, those jurors did a hell of a job,” he continued, “I am disappointed at the outcome, I’m not disappointed with the system. I still think death is justice for what that guy did but the system said otherwise.”

James Holmes, just after midnight on July 20, 2012, made his way into the premiere of the Batman film “The Dark Knight Rises,” stood before a crowd of more than 400 people, threw gas canisters, and then opened fire with a shotgun, assault rifle and semi-automatic pistol.

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Source CNN