Earlier this week, Hawks Mike Scott was arrested after being pulled over in the car with his brother and charged with possession of molly and weed. The Molly is a felony charge and the weight of the weed became a felony charge in itself but Mike didn’t want anything happening to his brother as well so he copped to all the charges.


TMZ Sports obtained the video of Banks County Sheriff’s deputies questioning Scott about the July 30 traffic stop. As we reported, Scott’s 20-year-old bro, Antonn, was driving when deputies pulled him over for speeding. They eventually found more than an ounce of weed and 10 grams of Molly in the vehicle.

In the video, a slumped over Scott explains why Antonn didn’t immediately pull over — cops chased him for 2 miles — and he’s oddly calm as he takes full responsibility for the stash of drugs. Scott ‘s biggest concern was whether his arrest would be “a public thing.” The deputy gave him a reality check … gently.

Scott got 2 counts of felony drug possession, as did his brother — but the deputy makes it sound like Antonn’s drug charges could be dropped due to the confession.