After the tragic murder of Christian Taylor, new pieces of information are being unveiled! Christian Taylor was seen jumping on a car before being killed!

It is sad and frustrating to announce another hashtag going viral. Christian Taylor was the name that was posted on many social media accounts. Of course, we know that Christian Taylor was murdered by police. It is more devastating to understand that Christian Taylor was killed for no complete reason. A video has surfaced showing Christian Taylor appearing to be under the influence.

The Classic Buick dealership released this video showing Taylor running around frantically. Taylor would sometimes slow down the speed and then pick up the pace. Also, Taylor was seen trying to break open a couple of cars. The way that Christian appeared is not up for debate. Christian ran around clumsily and unnatural. It is pretty obvious that Christian was under the influence and completely unaware of the actions being committed.

The Arlington police reported that the dealership had no camera inside. That was false, the public has yet to see Christian Taylor’s altercation with the police. Two police ordered Christian Taylor to lie straight on the ground.Instead, Christian Taylor attempted to walked straight into a glass door.Taylor was killed with four shots and pronounced dead at the scene. The FBI is still investigating the case. Justice for Christian Taylor.

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