NBA basketball player Tracy McGrady of Detroit Pistons gestures to his fans at a stadium during a promotional event of his China tour in Hefei

Leaving the NBA is definitely a huge step toward retirement but for the last couple of years, T-Mac has been playing overseas. Tracy McGrady’s last game in the NBA was back in 2013 with the Spurs and he has since been playing here and there with the USA Legends touring team. In his last tour with the USA Legends, T-Mac’s jersey was retired!


Tracy McGrady could not have left the NBA on a more sour note. Going back to that series with the Spurs facing the Miami Heat, it was almost like everyone who was not a heat fan was rooting for T-Mac and the Spurs to win. Aside from having a spectacular career in the NBA, T-Mac is one of those greats that just never got a ring. Unfortunately, with Ray Allen hitting that corner three to force a game 7, basically snatched T-Mac’s opportunity at getting a championship–which would have put the icing on the cake as his final year in the league.

T-Mac will definitely go down in basketball history as a premier scorer and maybe more so for the bounce and explosion that he once had. He definitely put countless players on posters and it sad to think that this great player never received a championship. In what was a comeback to basketball with the USA Legends tour, not surprisingly did T-Mac have some great moments in the Chinese league–for instance hitting that game winning three. An emotional T-Mac attended the Jersey retiring ceremony.

T-Mac Jersey Retirement…

A soft momemnt in the dedication to T-Mac was when his son appeared in the video and gave him a message. Showing his family on the big screen definitely seemed to strike a few emotional chords for T-Mac as you could see him wiping away some tears.

An amazing career both in and out of the NBA and the game will definitely miss a player like T-Mac who’s contributions will definitely be remembered.