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When J. Cole announced the lineup for his 2014 Forest Hills Drive Tour, it certainly wasn’t one that people would have expected from him. Bringing along Big Sean, YG and Jeremih was quite an eclectic mix, and when Sway sat down with Cole following one of his recent tour stops, he wanted to pick his brain a bit to see why he made those choices.

“I talked to YG earlier,” Sway said. “He felt really strongly about the fact that you stood up for him, because we know he was in that shooting incident and he said it was a lot of folks that kind of didn’t want to see him on this tour.”

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Cole responded:

“He was scared of that, man. We’re doing business with a different type of people out here. They don’t know that world at all, and that scares him. Obviously you’re going to get people voicing their concern, but I don’t believe in that because like I said, I’ve seen the way he moves and just in my interaction with him – he’s not stupid. So I just had to really break it down to him and let him know, ‘People already expecting you to fail, so every decision you and your homeboys make, either make them true or false.’”

Prior to Sway‘s comment, Cole had the following to say about YG:

“I watch people, man. I’ve watched people more than I’ve even listened. Because he’s a street dude and he makes the type of music that he makes, you wouldn’t expect him to make the business moves that he makes.”

Check out the full interview below.

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