So it begins! Draya and Meghan James from BBWLA are not being best friends anytime soon! Draya claps back at Meghan for dissing her on Twitter!

Earlier today, social media was stamped with a photo of Draya’s clothing scattered on the ground. The reality star informed the public that her ex-fiance, Orlando, was the culprit of the crime. in the mist of her comments, Meghan stormed in and told the public that it was all staged. Draya’s argument with Orlando was supposedly just a publicity stunt.

Welp, you know how things go. A few hour later, the two divas were arguing back to back over the incident! Draya ranted on Twitter about how Meghan is just thirsting for attention and whats to be acknowledged. Draya also added that she makes way more than Meghan on BBWLA. Of course, Meghan shot back to add that Draya is a fake diva and talks down to anybody. Meghan stated that Draya even dissed Karrueche and Amber Rose. Amber and Karrueche are supposed to be Draya’s friends!

Well, there is always drama around! Let’s see how this goes. What are your thoughts?