Uh -Oh! The Safaree and Zashia duet is aready being attacked! We have seen Zafaree so glorious and happy in their new found love ! Already people are trying to drag them down! Safaree’s bae calls out cheating rumors !

Zashia just admitted that she had run into some trouble with the law. Now the gorgeous vixen is being attacked by a random Instagramer. Zashia was accused of cheating on Safaree with a local rapper form Miami! Crazy! Raw evidence shows pictures of Zashia cuddled up with another man! If that’s not enough, multiple screenshots messages of Zashia and the local rapper have been floating around!

The popularized vixen was quick to shut down rumors with statements via twiter. Zashia stated:

“Go ahead and get your 5 seconds of fame boo..the ones that are loyal to me know who I am. I love social for the opportunity that it presents,but technology today and the ways things can be altered/edited is in sane. Smh #InGodsHands”

I guess zashia is telling ya’ll that she didn’t cheat on Safaree! Do you guys believe Zashia? Do you think she is telling the truth?

Twitter: @foreverrhopeful
SOURCE: TheShadeRoom