Soulja Boy

There seems to be some sharing going around in the rap world at the moment (big surprise).

Model India Love, who has ties to rapper The Game, has been allegedly parading around town with Soulja Boy. The two have been posting up Instagram photos, indirectly making it clear that they’re banging each other without actually saying it.

Soulja posted up a photo of his Gucci flip flops, captioning the photo with the only Future lyric that would possibly pertain (my #FutureHive family knows exactly what I’m talking about.. LOL!)

On India’s page, she has a photo with a beautiful bouquet of red roses with those same Gucci flip flops in the background.

The two have also been posting photos whipping the same Rolls Royce, making their rumored love affair to seem more factual.

Is Soulja throwing shots at The Game for stealing his chick or whatever the case may be? Check out the clues over in the gallery and let us know what you think.

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