It looks like Lorde is rockin’ with #TeamDrake when it comes to the Drake vs. Meek Mill feud that’s currently going on.

The “Royals” pop-star took to her Twitter page to send out a bunch of tweets praising the Canadian-born rapper for his exceptional writing skills, despite the rumors that he does not write his own lyrics.

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“Drake has a total pop songwriter approach to hook words/titles – stuff like ‘trophies’, or ‘pound cake’ or ‘hotline bling,’ she said in her tweets.

“using such dynamic hook nouns isolates a song so it’s instantly more memorable than most others, even if they’re conceptually similar. i work similarly with nouns because i like attributing vastness to small words. they paint songs in beautiful primary colours, like rothkos.”

Looks like Lorde loves her some Drizzy!

See the adorable (but super dorky) tweets in the gallery.

Who you rockin’ with, #TeamDrake or #TeamMeek?