Rob Kardashian has been MIA for the longest now – from what sources reveal is due to his massive weight gain.

However last night out of nowhere (after deleting every photo on his Instagram and starting fresh), Rob made his grand appearance back onto the ‘Gram just in time for his little sister Kylie Jenner’s highly anticipated 18th birthday.

Jazlana: Twitter || Instagram

For some strange reason, he did not make any type of cute big brother birthday collage or even a simple post or tweet for his lil’ sis like the rest of his family. He did, however, put up a picture of a Paul Newman salad dressing. He then posted a photo from Miami Vice when Colin Farrell and Li Gong are on the speedboat with a caption that reads, “MOOD!!”

He also was a no-show for Kylie’s birthday dinner on Sunday night which is odd because the rest of his family was present. I wonder if the two had a possible falling out? Or maybe Rob just has no desire to be in the spotlight still due to his physical appearance.

Source: Instagram