Busta Rhymes Writes Letter to Hip Hop for "Coco"

Looks like Busta Rhymes just can’t stay out of trouble. Recently, he was arrested after throwing a protein shake at a someone in the gym and now he’s being investigated by police for allegedly threatening a fan at the BET Awards.

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According to the most recent reports, back in June during the BET Awards, fan Kim Simpson and her friend bumped into Busta while dancing during the show. They ladies apologized, however she claims he went off on her saying if it happened again, “I’ll bite you and not that kinda bite.” Woah.

Things got worse however, when Simpson and her friend spotted reality star Deelishis and started taking pictures. Busta clearly didn’t want his photo taken, because according to the “victim” he said, “Don’t make me slap you” and proceeded to charged toward her. Security intervened and the situation was diffused, however Simpson filed a police report.

Police are still trying to locate Busta to invert view him regarding the incident.

Source TMZ