Caitlyn Jenner

Could I Am Cait be cancelled? The way the ratings continue to sink, there’s definitely a possibility.

“Caitlyn is beyond disappointed right now,” a source close to her tells Radar Online, adding that E! executives are as well. The show had a strong premiere, but in its third week, it lost half its initial audience already with only 1.2 million overall viewers, with only half a million of that number being in their target audience demographic of 18 to 49-year-olds.

“Executives and producers for the show feel that Caitlyn is being overexposed,” the source said. “E! invested so much time and money into this project and everyone is just kind of baffled at how poorly it is doing.”

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They added:

“Caitlyn has begged the rest of her kids to help her out because her biggest fear right now is that the show will be cancelled. Caitlyn got paid, but for her that isn’t enough. She wants ratings gold and it is evident that if something drastic is done that this show will most likely not make it to its final episode.”

However, there are no immediate plans to cancel the show just yet. Do you think it will survive?

Source: RO