If you’ve been on reality star Draya Michele’s Instagram page lately you can see countless photos of her in itty bitty binkis and lingerie. Honestly, it’s hard to find a photo of her wearing clothes. However, despite the lusty photos Draya admits to having insecurities about her body and also to using photoshop to cover them up.

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In a recent IG post, Draya features a side-by-side photo herself, one photoshopped one raw. In the caption she admits to photoshopping her IG pictures. It’s hard to believe that a girl with a body like hers, slim and still curvy could feel insecure but she does. She points out the spots she is most sensitive about. She said:

I’m so picky about photo shop, but of course we all need it. I don’t really like to let photographers over do it, so I do it myself sometimes. The pic I just posted was edited slightly by me. At the side of breast where I have a scratch, my thigh just overall smoothness, and at the hip cuz I didn’t like that crease. We all have flaws. And there’s nothing wrong with a little edit here and there. Love yourself, and do what makes you feel good. This post was to ensure you you guys, that everyone has insecurities. And that’s ok. Edited vs Raw ?? Which one do you prefer?

The changes she made to her photo seem minimal, but what do you think ? Sound off in the comments. Click the gallery to see the side-by-side.

Source Vibe