Last week Brandon Marshall said nobody with the Bears organization held Jay Cutler accountable besides himself. He said it was part of the reason their relationship somewhat soured and also why the Bears weren’t successful. Since Marshall is now with the Jets its easy for him to say things like that, but Matt Forte actually had words for Marshall regarding being accountable for himself.


“I don’t think that was the case where everyone was held accountable [last year]. I don’t see how he can say that,” Forte said on The Rich Eisen Show.

“Sometimes Brandon didn’t hold himself accountable.”

Forte said that former head coach Marc Trestman’s willingness to allow Marshall to make frequent in-season trips to New York to film Showtime’s “Inside the NFL” became a source of friction to some in the organization.

“I didn’t have an issue with it as long as he got back in time, or took care of his body and came to play every Sunday,” Forte said. “I guess a lot of people had issue with that and thought his mind wasn’t on football first.

“I think if a coach didn’t like that [Marshall was going to New York], his best bet was to come out and say that, and be able to express that to him. And at that point, I don’t think it was really expressed to him to not do that or continue to do that. That’s a tough call on that one. I don’t think coach [Marc] Trestman held him accountable either on that aspect, so we had a lot of accountability issues going on last year.”

Sounds like some jabs being thrown but if Forte is just being honest then Marshall really choose his words slightly better.