Rule number one for manhood: NEVER lie about dating a woman. CARDINAL SIN, MATT! After Matt apparently lied to TMZ about dating Rihanna, she took to Instagram to check him and clear up that lie but Matt decided to respond and Rihanna’s friend went for his jugular! Check the gallery for the posts!


Man, after this lie from Matt, all of his credibility is definitely shot! What man lies about dating a girl–he might as well have lied on his… SMH. Just can’t respect it. Rihanna went in on Matt after seeing TMZ’s video but her friend really violated him! LMAO!

In a post on Instagram, ‘@leandrasimone’ posted a funny response to Matt’s claims saying, “Security.. Come get this gay ass lying ass..who is he #theliedetecorprovedthatusalie #youaretheweakestlinkgoodbye.” LOL!

It is not looking good out here for Matt and I’m pretty sure that once the season starts, the Grizzlie locker room is definitely going to have some fun with this one. Veteran or not!