In the world of Hip hop, things have been hot and steamy lately.Just when we thought all the beef was simmering down, another dispute between two rappers have arose. A fight broke out at a concert in Philly after PnB Rock dissed Kur!

Both PnB Rock and Kur are both very talented artist coming out of Philadelphia. These two got into a altercation after PnB rock allegedly dissed Kur. The video displays PnB Rock talking smack about fellow rapper Kur. PnB Rock stated that a lot of stars are rats. After this statement, a whole brawl broke out. PnB Rock was jumped by several men in the crowd and the show ended shortly after.

Kur ranted on twitter and said that he was not involved in any fights. A lot of rumors have been circulating assuming that Kur was the one that was jumped. Kur posted a photo that revealed he had no bruises. Kur also went in and threw a diss record aimed at PnB Rock. PnB Rock’s team members just recently stated that PnB Rock did not get jumped. A family member in his group was attacked and everyone else on stage fought. Well, hope things soften up in Philly. Thoughts?

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