Percy Harvin has been pretty chatty about his time with the Seattle Seahawks, confirming the fights he had with Golden Tate and Doug Baldwin.  According to Harvin they were jealous of him and immature.  Tate was asked about Harvin’s claims and he says they’re absolutely false.

He hemmed and hawed and laughed, and after 17 seconds of meaningful silence, Golden Tate asked the reporter to repeat his question.  Tate then downplayed any friction between them, saying Harvin’s comments were unexpected but was sure to throw in a small jab at the same time.

“There was never any jealousy on my end,” Tate said after the Lions practiced at Dearborn Edsel Ford tonight. “I was excited to get him on the field with us. Like I said, his role in Seattle and my role were different so there was no need for me to be jealous. I wanted to win a Super Bowl that year and that’s all I wanted, that’s all I cared about. I think it was just a misunderstanding between him and I and I know it didn’t work out with the Vikings, the Seahawks or the Jets, so I hope the best for him out there in Buffalo. I think it’s a great fit for him and I want to see him ball out.”


“After the Super Bowl, we were – he was giving, ‘All right man, good game. I love you. I’m glad we’re playing together,’ and I was saying the same thing so it kind of came out of right field to hear those comments,” Tate said. “But it is what it is and I still appreciated him as a teammate, the short time we played together and actually learned some things from him so wish him the best.”

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