All throughout his trial, in the death of Trayvon Martin, former neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman claimed that his actions against the teen had nothing to do with race. However, his recent step in life shows that he is a look at race first and shoot second type of guy.

Zimmerman links up with Andy Hallinan, a Florida gun shop owner who has deemed his establishment a “Muslim-free zone,” to sell Confederate flag art. Now, it’s no secret that the Confederate flag has been banned in many areas, following the Charleston church shooting – that hasn’t stopped Zimmerman.

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Hallinan declared the Florida Gun Supply (shop’s name) a “Muslim-free zone” following the shooting of four American servicemen in Chattanooga, Tennessee, by a Kuwait-born Muslim, according to the Washington Times.

The gun shop owner and Zimmerman plan to sell signed and numbered prints of a painting he did of the Stars and Bars with the words in the quadrants “The 2nd / protects / our / 1st.” The money earned from the flag purchases will be split between the two; we know Zimmerman is broke, so he’ll need to get a house; and Hallinan is being sued by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) over his “Muslim-free” stance, which means he will use his monies on the legalities.

“The caption, ‘the 2nd protects the first’ is a double entendre,” Mr. Zimmerman told the vendor. “The first flag I painted on this canvas was an American Flag, but decided to repaint over it with the Confederate Flag when I heard Andy was getting sued by CAIR. The 2nd flag I painted was the Battle Flag — which we need in America in order to protect the first.”

So now you’re an artist, Zimmerman?

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SOURCE: http://nation.foxnews.com/2015/08/18/george-zimmerman-teams-owner-muslim-free-zone-gun-shop-sell-confederate-flag-art