What’s there to hate about Fetty Wap? The 1738 rapper continues to make major appearances around the country, has another hit single that’s dominating radio stations “again,” and has even gives back to his hometown. Since he’s been gained a lot of national attention, the haters aren’t holding back any longer. Recently, a member of Crooked I’s Horseshoe Gang called out Fetty for being soft. Find out why he’s firing warning shots after the jump!

The Horseshoe gang sat down with Hip Hop DX and spoke about the new direction rap beef has gone over time. With the Drake & Meek Mill beef finally dying down, Demetrius Capone, Kenny Siegel, Andrew “Dice” Dinero and Julius Luciano expressed how they feel about the new rules of rap beef. They also explained why rappers take the lyrical shots fired at them so personally.

“Hip Hop is a very competitive sport so anybody who says anything about your work ethic or your skill level that you have and if it’s not a compliment you’re going to want to get on your shit definitely,” Demetrius Capone relayed. “I haven’t heard that about this past year’s music but I think that could be true.”

At the 2:09 mark, Andrew Dinero went off tangent after he claimed some artists were soft and took a cheap shot at Fetty Wap.

“The people that’s stepping up are still kind of still soft. Can we slander people? Fetty Wap is horrible. Now wait a minute, I don’t know if y’all rock with him. I apologize. What I’m saying is that he’s soft though.”

Should Fetty Wap respond? Sound off in the comments and check out the interview below.

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