Kylie Jenner x Tyga

A lot of people have been questioning Tyga’s finances lately ever since he balled out and bought his lady friend Kylie Jenner a brand new $320,000 Ferrari for her 18th birthday. Aside from having a cameo in the film “Dope” and a new reality TV show on MTV2, it seems that T-Raww has more business deals in the works that we are unaware of.

Being that the rumor mill was spinning of speculations that Tyga is apparently having some financial issues as of late, it seemed rather odd that he would drop such serious dough on a gift for his girlfriend. However, it all makes sense because he just inked a deal with Tunes Audio for $10 million dollars!

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The company, which is a well-established OEM and ODM manufacturer for headphones that has been in business for over two decades, made the deal official on August 9th – making the rap star an official part owner of the company.

The CEO of Tunes, Rolexandro Valentin, issued a statement in regards to Tyga’s sick new deal.

We are really excited about signing a multi dollar deal with the young star. Not only is Tyga is a trendsetter and a driver of the culture, but he’s also a businessman. We look forward to building this company together. This is just the beginning.
Boasting a social media footprint of over 27 Million followers, Tyga is definitely one of the most visible artists in music. He too shared a statement.

Tyga also issued a statement about his excitement over his new business venture.

I saw what TUNES was doing in the audio world so when they said they wanted to start making headphones, we partnered up.Only boss moves here.

With all of the drama surrounding Tyga, it seems that it all paid off in the end (LITERALLY). Good stuff!